We are happy to take claims for accidents which take place at work caused by the following:

Lifting of heavy objects

Slips/trips as a result of no warning sign, poor training, or poor working condition

Deafness related to workplace

Accident as a result of poor training

Accident related to machinery use

Disease related to workplace including¬†dementia’s

Accidents on building sites e.g. scaffolding accidents

Work related traffic accidents

Anyone can make a claim in the aftermath of an accident that was someone else’s fault and in which they were injured . The easiest way to find out if you’ve got a claim worth pursuing is to call us on 0208 4260 005 – 07846553094 for a chat .

We’ll listen to everything you tell us and freely give you the best advice we can. We will never rush you , nor put pressure on you to start claims process. Our job is to give you the support and help you need – at your pace and in your own way .